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July Newsletter

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Newsletter for July. We hope the summer holidays are treating you well, and that your young ones are enjoying their break from school. We know that the summer holidays can be great fun, but that hey can also be exhausting too! Just in case you're running out of ideas for days out and about, here's a handy website for you. It's full of great ideas for fun days out across Nottinghamshire, including lots of free play days at various parks across the city, a few of which we have already been to. Here is the website-

In September, one of our assistant managers, Andy Hodkin, is going on his travels. For nine months Andy is going to be adventuring in India and South East Asia. We wish him all the best, and a safe journey! During Andy's break, his post is going to be filled by Daniel Berridge, who successfully applied for the temporary vacancy. Daniel comes with a wealth of experience in both residential care, and in the field of disability. He's greatly looking forward t joining the team, and is looking forward to meeting you all. We know that you will all give him a very warm welcome.

Crocus in the Community- every year we set ourselves a plan to come up with new ideas to make Crocus Fields better. We call this plan Proving Outcomes. As part of our Proving Outcomes Plan, this year we are undertaking 12 community activities (one per month), to establish further friendship links within our local community. We have already taken part in a local photography competition (in which we had a finalist!), and we've been litter picking in The Meadows. Over the next few months we shall be having a cake stall in the local precinct, visiting a local old people's home, donating to a local food bank, and regenerating a local garden area with bulb planting and gardening. And several other fun activities too. And we'd love your help! If there is anything you would like to help with, please contact Andy, on, or (0115) 8762287

Finally, a quick reminder to you all that in August, we are turning 40!! Crocus Fields, as a service, wi40 years of providing short breaks to young people with disabilities and their families. It's hard to believe that we have been having this much fun for 40 years! To celebrate our birthday, we are going to be having a party . Which we're calling CrocusFest! The party is going to be on Friday 11th August, from 4pm to 7pm. EVERYBODY is welcome, the more the merrier! Please feel free to come along with any family or friends you would like to invite. We are going to have music, food, stalls, games and lots of other fun activities! At he same time, we shall also be having the grand opening of the sensory pod. The sensory pod is now up and running, but it will have it's official opening on the 11th, with a grand unveiling, and a plaque. So come along to see what we are going to be naming it. We hope to see you all there!



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