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Outreach Team

All About The Outreach Team

This is Laura, Tara and Emma, they make up Crocus Fields' very own Outreach Service. This team has been running since 2010 with families across the city (and on occasions beyond!).

The service's aim and ethos is to help and support families of disabled children through direct work and advice, giving them skills in order for them and their children to thrive.


Throughout the  years the service has grown and developed and now offers a range of interventions from direct and focused work with the child and family at home or school to consultations with families, sleepy kids sessions and relax kids sessions. The team are highly knowledgeable around aspects such as implementing bed time routines, reducing challenging behaviours, eating habits and communicating with young people with disabilities. If you are referred to the service (and accepted) Laura, Emma and Tara will work with you directly as individuals and help you to make positive changes to your day to day lives. 


If you want to know more about the Outreach Team you can contact them on 0115 876 1997.

Tell Me More.....

The Crocus Fields Outreach Service offers short interventions for disabled young people between 0-19 years old. 


Disabled children and young people are faced with challenges which can affect their ability to cope with everyday life and have a negative impact on their family life too. We work with a young person and their family to overcome challenges which can impact on their development and well being, or present a risk to themselves or others.

Challenges included:
  • Public transport and other skills to develop independence

  • Personal care skills

  • Routines e.g. bedtimes, activities

  • Managing behavior

  • Play skills

  • Interaction.


We take a practical, simple, 'hands on' approach, which is underpinned by extensive knowledge and experience of therapeutic theory and technique. We develop individualized plans tailored to the needs of the child and their family.

Once a referral has been made to the team we arrange a home visit to carry out an initial assessment with the young disabled person and their family. We continue to work with the family over a six week period to identify their own strengths and resources and building on these to find practical solutions and develop new skills.

We also visit schools and other relevant agencies, to ensure the input they have is well planned and informed. At the end of these sessions we complete an evaluation with the family to review their progress and give them the opportunity to reflect.

Every family receives an individual plan which they can follow to help them stay on track with their progress and continue to benefit from the new skills they have developed.

How to access the outreach service

To access the Outreach Service, you must meet the following criteria:


Be a Nottingham City resident.


Have a child aged between 0-19 year with a disability which: impacts on their development, or presents a risk to themselves or others, and is a significant factor in the need for referral.


Have a referral from the Disabled Children's Team or a CAF Lead Professional.


Be committed to working in partnership with the Outreach service.

to make a referral click for the referral document

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