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What We Do

Crocus Fields is an overnight short breaks service for young people between the ages of 8-19, with learning and/or physical disabilities, and also young people with additional health needs. The service aims, through the provision of regular breaks, to assist families to stay together whilst caring for their disabled child. This is the core reason why we are open, and why we continue to receive funding.


There are of course other benefits to our service. Many young people with a disability have not had the opportunity to have a friend come home from school for tea, and few have stayed over at a school friend’s house. A lot of their social life comes from school or family life. Crocus Fields provides a social outlet which helps young people with disabilities grow as individuals, and accept other people’s differing behaviours. In many instances, parents of young people who start using our service see a marked improvement in behaviour and social skills in their child.


The ethos around the service is built on treating each young person as an individual, and having fun.


In order to access our service you need to have a Social Worker within the Whole Life disability Team in Nottingham. They will complete a full assessment to determine whether you or your child meet the criteria and if so, how many nights a year they may be able to come. 

Induction Booklet parts 1 and 2

Children's Guide 2023

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