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NSPCC Talking Pants

The NSPCC has a fantastic guide for keeping children safe from sexual harm and abuse. Please find all of the relevant information attached, but to summarise, here is an explanation of the NSPCC Talking Pants campaign taking from the NSPCC:


We all want to keep our children safe You’ve probably already talked to them about things like crossing the road safely. Having a conversation to help keep them safe from sexual abuse can be just as easy. We know it’s a conversation no parent wants to have, but with Talk PANTS we believe it can feel just as natural and be just as simple as the road safety chat. We call it talking PANTS. Each of the five PANTS rules gives a simple but valuable message that can help keep children as young as four safe. That’s why we want all parents to talk PANTS – because we know that talking regularly with children about these messages really can help them stay safe. This parents’ guide was adapted from our original version, with help from The Makaton Charity. The wording of the five PANTS rules has been adapted to make it easier for children who use Makaton to talk PANTS.


NSPCC Talking Pants Guide

NSPCC Talking Pants Guide Makaton Cards


NSPCC Talking Pants Guide For Parents of Children Who Use Makaton

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