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Parents Stories and Testimonies

From the first time my child attended Crocus the staff have been kind, caring and very welcoming.  Always a smile when they open the door to great him.  He gets lots of attention and does many activities which he really enjoys. I was quite nervous at the beginning but the staff assured me (as well as my child) and this really helped.  Communication between us is good.   Knowing my child is settled leaves me to have some time to myself.  We as a family are so very happy to have found Crocus Fields and for the support it gives to us. 



My child enjoys going to Crocus Fields. He has a lovely time there. 


Thanks to staff for keeping in touch during the pandemic - weekly phone calls, text messages, emails, video calls, etc. Thanks for updating us. Thanks for organising Crocus parents forum sessions online - all the sessions have been informative and useful! This has all been helpful. Thanks for being proactive and finding out what my child likes, dislikes, etc. Thanks for understanding my child's needs, behaviour, change in medicines, his family and friends, etc. 


I came to Crocus with Natalia and instantly felt at home. Crocus and the staff were very
warming and very calm. I was also nervous as it had only ever been me as a mum that had solely
cared for Natalia and met all her needs. After an hour of being at Crocus I already knew Natalia
would be apart apart of the Crocus family. Natalia was so happy and didn't want to leave, infact she cried when we left. Her first stay she settled instantly and loved it. Staff were so reassuring, texting and calling me through the evening and made me feel happy and that Natalia was safe and cared for. Crocus is a mix of everything and we feel it's home from home.


It is amazing to see the work that Crocus do. One word to describe crocus fields and the work
they do is Magic! Crocus have been through the good and the bad times and challenges. Crocus
has made a massive change to our lives and it gives me time to recuperate from my caring
role and do things that I find difficult to do with Natalia. Crocus is a place for Natalia to escape
and have her own respite from home, to have her own freedom and socialise, do fun activities
and be able to express herself. Thanks for understanding Natalia's needs and we are
grateful for you being part of our lives.




All the staff at Crocus "get" our son in a world where few do.  They are committed and caring, and no behaviours he can throw at them fazes them because they've seen it all.  They provide our son with a home from home. We have regular updates and discussions to ensure that everything is working, and to discuss things that are not working.  They keep him busy with lots of meaningful activities and trips.  And they are keen to get involved with the wider meetings and to work with other places (school and home) to integrate changes.

All in all, our son is settled at Crocus and this is due to hard work, dedication and love of the staff at Crocus.  You have the heartfelt thanks from both of us for caring for our son.


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