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The Adventures of Percy 

Meet Percy the dog. Percy helped to look after Crocus Fields while we were shut during a difficult time.


We will be posting videos and images weekly, so keep an eye on the website to see what kind of mischief he gets himself up to. 


Percy is dressed to impress and ready for his first day at Crocus Fields.


He has had his breakfast, brushed his hair and put on his favourite tie. He is feeling nervous and excited but cant wait to get started.


What will he get up to? 

Percy's first job of the day is to organise his favourite books and put them on the shelf.


This means they will be ready for all the children who come to Crocus Fields to read and enjoy.  

Great job Percy!

Percy's next job is to help Alan clean the bus so it is nice and tidy for all the children that use it.

Percy has swept the floor, washed the seats and cleaned the windows 

Great job Percy!

After a busy morning sorting the books and cleaning the van Percy has developed quite an appetite.


Percy is looking forward to a delicious lunch.

But where are Sally and Yumi?

Maybe Sally and Yumi are in the kitchen, lets go look !

Maybe Sally and Yumi are in the kitchen, lets go look!

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