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Children's Residential Social Care Worker

I started working at Crocus Fields in October 2020. I have been working with young people and adults in various settings for a number of years. My background is in Nutrition and Community Health, and I also have an MSc in Public Health.


Working at Crocus Fields has been an absolute pleasure for me. The staff team and our young people are amazing!

I cherish the fact that our young people, their families, and our regulators (including Ofsted) rates us very highly.

About me

I live with my wife and our daughter.

I like sports, and I am a massive fan of Chelsea FC.

I like playing scrabble and chess. I love music, especially the Christian ones.

Watching and listening to the news is also one of the things I enjoy doing. Being able to help, support, and encourage others gives me a sense of fulfilment.

People like this about me:
  • Toba is great with the children

  • Toba is very friendly and always says hello and asks how you are.

  • My smiles.

  • A calm approach.

  • Being meticulous about things that matter.

  • A 'never give up' attitude.

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