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Residential Social Care

I have worked at Crocus Fields since 2001. 

I have a BTEC National in Nursery Nursing and a NVQ 3 in Caring for Children and young people. 

I like my job because I get paid to do exciting things and get to work with loads of great staff and young people. 

I like Crocus Fields because we get to do loads of the really good and important things that really matter to our young people-Independence, travel training, working, social and leisure activities and youth clubs.

About me

I may look 16 but I have a lot of experience and a wife and 2 kids!

People like this about me:
  • Tim is a great listener

  • He is always reliable and works hard.

  • He is very conscientious.

  • His get up and go attitude to shift leading.

  • He is very thoughtful, hard working and is a good supporter.
    He has a real "Dad" presence, he's firm but fair and good fun. He has a really calming and comforting presence.

  • He never seems to get flustered.

  • His relationships with the young people and his ability not to be phased by challenging behaviour.

  • You always know where you are with Tim.

  • He has a very logical mind.

  • I always feel supported when I am working with Tim.

  • He is extremely child focused.

  • Solid, grounded, reliable and lovely.

  • He's organized and witty.

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