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Children's Residential
Social Care Worker
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Hi, I'm Scarlett! I've worked at Crocus Fields as relief staff since 2020. I love working at Crocus Fields. Every time I'm there is different.


I used to work as a Transitions Social Worker for Nottingham City Council.  I was a regular visitor to Crocus Fields to see the young people I was working with at that time. After 10 years as a social worker I was ready for a change and I left in 2018 to retrain as an Acupuncturist! I had always been really impressed by the work done at Crocus Fields and found it a lovely place to visit so I applied to work there part time as relief staff whilst doing my Acupuncture degree. I graduated in 2021 and am now working as an Acupuncturist and massage therapist but I still love to pick up the odd shift at Crocus Fields.


I've had lots of other jobs including day Centre Support Worker (Adult Learning Disability Services), Disability Support Worker at Sheffield Hallam University, Barista and Gnome Painter! I got sacked from the last one because I was too slow 🙁

About me

I love animals and being in nature. I'm happy meeting furry friends, pottering in my overgrown garden or out for a walk.


I like bright colours and patterns. It's an instant cheer-up! My favourite colour is orange.


I enjoy cooking but if I'm honest I like eating more. Give me dinner and I'm happy. My favourite food at the moment is Ethiopian.


I'm learning Italian. It's taking a long time though...

People like this about me:
  • I love Scarlett's positivity

  • I love how Scarlett interacts with all the young people

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