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Children's Residential Social Care Worker

Hey My Name is Sam! I am a Disabled Children’s Residential Social Care Worker whom works as a relief staff member here at Crocus Fields since year 2022 as-well as other Residential homes within Nottingham City Council.


I have been in the health and social care settings and have worked with mixed-range of adults/children/young people/care leavers also various settings/placements, since I have left school at age of 16 with just over 11 years of experience supporting and caring for the vulnerable individuals’ within our society qualifying with relevant qualifications to all my role[s].


Why health and Social Care? Values and principles of social care work connects to my own personal values, I wholeheartedly believe in good in everyone, as well I feel that social work allows me to Connect, Mentor and help others achieve their desirable goals in life, I rely on my work ethic and deep understanding to ensure that high standards of person centred care is delivered to the individual who will benefits from my knowledge/experience

About me

When I was a kid, My Grandma inspired me to be in health and social care as she did this her whole career
My greatest fear as a kid was spiders, snakes and needles! Still are till this day!
Something I did as a kid that I still do as an adult is play video games!
The meal I look forward to most is Mutton, Rice and Peas!
My favourite childhood programme: Pokémon, Lion King and Harry Potter!
If I were to teach any subject in life, it would be Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

People like this about me:
  • My Courage

  • My Energy

  • I am Passionate 

  • I Am Creativity

  • I Am Positive

  • amazing Sense of humour

  • loving bubbly personality/approach.

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