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September Newsletter (A bit overdue!)

Can I start by apologising at the significant delay in getting Septembers newsletter out to all of you. A number of things have sprung up in the past few weeks that has pushed the update further and further back down a "to do list". I promise to improve such tardiness in the future!

The website has also been updated to allow you to meet some of our newer staff members (Jade and Sammy) whose one page plans can be seen by navigating to the "meet the team" section.

In addition to this we are in the process of uploading further photographs onto the slide show at the start for you to see the various things that have been happening at Crocus Fields on an ongoing basis. One of the difficulties is that we can only upload photographs for young people whom we have signed permission slips for. If you or your child would like some pictures to be posted but you have not yet signed the permission slip please get in touch with us and well send you a new one out. September has been a busy month at Crocus Fields and as the nights get darker and days get shorter the attention always turns to the countdown to Christmas. One of our young people has been playing Christmas songs to us since July so the decorations in shops in October never phases us!

Big It Up Awards

A massive congratulations goes out to Jordan, Josh, Neil, Jamie and Tyrese for scooping up "Big It Up Awards" within Nottingham City Council.


In early September all five young people

represented Crocus Fields brilliantly when they attended the glamorous awards dinner to pick up their certificates. They all looked incredibly sharp and attended the event with their families

The next parents group is scheduled for tomorrow (11th October). All parents, carers and relatives are welcome to join this group.

Lucy has arranged for Bev Wheatcroft from the DCT to come along to answer any questions that you may have about the social work team, assessments or processes.

If anyone would like to know amore about the meetings please do not hesitate to get in touch with Lucy on



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