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Phone Number Change

We recognise that for some time our phone system has been a challenge for all involved! We apologise for this but we believe we may finally have found a solution. This was due to new units being installed with numerous variations of numbers and us struggling to hear them when out on shift.

There is now one number each for both Unit 1 and Unit 2. All phones should ring at the same time within each unit including one phone set out on shift. We are having amplifiers fitted to both units so that the staff can hear the calls coming in. Finally, the shift mobiles will remain, unit 2's has now been replaced since going missing. So if you are unable to get hold of the unit throughout the day/evening, drop the mobiles a text message and the shift leader should check them throughout their shift.

Once again we apologise to everyone who has been affected by this. We hope that the latest system being implemented will make us much more contactable. All the numbers you may need unit are below:

Unit 1 Landline (Smaller Unit) 0115 8761987 Mobile Number 07908130002

Unit 2 Landline (Bigger Unit) 0115 8761988 Mobile Number 07908130066

Assistant Unit Managers Office 0115 8762286

Unit Managers Office 0115 8762285

Letters should have been sent out to all families highlighting these changes in addition to an email to all families.



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