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October Newsletter

Hi there everybody, and welcome to October's Newsletter.

Firstly, we have some dates for you dairy. At the end of November we shall be saying goodbye to Sheila, who has been our cook at Crocus Fields for many, many, many years. Sheila will be retiring to spend more quality time with her husband/family. We wish her all the best, and will be having a coffee morning at noon on the 29th November to say goodbye. Please do feel free to come along if you'd like to say goodbye- you'd be more than welcome!

Our next parents morning will be on December 12th, here at Crocus Fields at 10.30am. All parents and carers are very welcome to come and join us for conversation, guidance and support (and cake).

And on Saturday 21st December, between 2.30 and 4.30pm, we shall be having our annual Christmas Party. This year Crocus Fields is celebrating in style with a Drumming workshop party from BeatFeet. There will be singing, dancing and lots of drumming. We would love to see you there!

We have a young man called Haider who comes into stay with us for short breaks. He loves coming to stay with us, but isn’t so keen on the food. We tried our best to come up with meals that he would enjoy, but it wasn’t working. So in the end we invited his Dad to come in and show our cook Sally how to prepare his favourite food. And he very kindly accepted. Sally now knows how to make a mean Chicken Karahi, Veg Curry and spiced pilau rice (and we all got to have an amazing lunch!). We can’t wait for Haider’s next stay, and to see how he reacts to a home cooked meal.

There are many ways to look after your mental health. We have an ongoing focus at Crocus Fields on promoting the health, well-being and mental health of our young people. Looking after your appearance is one of the many ways to boost self-esteem and personal well-

being. And a beauty care ‘pampering’ session is a great way of doing this, as well as a means of relaxation and fun. It’s also very nice to have someone take care of you! A lot of our young people learn most effectively not through words, but actions. So we have had some brilliant pampering sessions!

Training Day October 2019

In October we had a full team training day led by Gail Holliman, educational psychologist.

The training day centred on three areas- brain development, attachment disorder, and how to effectively communicate with children.

It was a fascinating day, with lots of really useful tips and ideas at the end of the session, which staff members have already started putting into practise.

If you would like to hear more about this training session, please feel free to contact me on



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