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November to December Newsletter

Thank You Carol Dilks!

A huge Crocus Fields thank you must go out to Carol Dilks (seen above) who got in touch with us earlier this month to see if we would like her to create us some sensory sleeves!

Carol has worked with adults with dementia and people with disabilities for a great number of years and has always used her fantastic knitting skills to help create these fantastic pieces.

Carol did not stop at two sleeves but made us an endless pile for our young people. She has also said that any sleeves the young people particularly like can be taken home and she will replace and recreate them for us! To top that off Carol has offered to make these sleeves for any young person and their family who ask!

Her phone number is 07968135666 or 01773718728. Carol has asked that you try ringing her mobile number first if you want to contact her.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend an ENORMOUS thank you to Carol for this wonderfully kind gesture. We can't emphasise how grateful we are. The sleeves she has made are wonderful and so many of the young people have enjoyed exploring them!

Another Delayed Newsletter but an Updated Website!

Please accept our apologies for another delay in this months newsletter being put together. We have had some difficulties with the website and in logging in from Crocus Fields computers. We believe it is due to some of the parental settings that are now on the desktops at work. We believe we have found a way around this and hoping to have them back on track from now on!

The website is soon to get a major freshen up thanks to the graphic designer who originally designed our website (Eddie Turner). He very kindly got back in touch with us this month and offered to spend some time to redesign the site and give it a freshen up! A huge thank you to Eddie for this generosity, we really appreciate it! From looking at the designs we think it is going to look at fantastic. You can see Eddie's webpage by clicking on his name above.

2017/2018 OFSTED Inspection.

We are very pleased to inform you that over the 22nd and 23rd November Crocus Fields underwent its annual two day Ofsted Inspection where we were awarded the judgment of Outstanding for the third year running.

If parents or carers would like to read this report they can do so by clicking here .

A massive thank you and congratulations to everyone at Crocus Fields for this achievement and to all the young people for making the service what it is.

From 2018 onwards, any homes judged as "Good" or "Outstanding" will no longer undergo an interim inspection the following year. Interim Inspections used to happen midway through the year to look at what progress the home has made. Therefore we will not be inspected again until the main two day inspection at some point from April 2018 onwards.

Crocus Fields is keen to continue to grow and improve and we love to hear from parents about ways in which you think we can provide an even better service. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think there are ways in which we can change or alter the way that we provide care or communicate with you.

Plans for Family Events 2018!

After the huge success that was "Crocus-Fest" in August 2017 we have decided that we would like to put on a number of events for families throughout 2018!

It is our hope that these events will help parents meet each other, young people meet young people, and their siblings meet siblings. It will also be a great chance for parents to meet a wide selection of staff across the team and put faces to the names your young people may talk about!

Cinema Trip 21st January

The first of these events is a trip to the Savoy Cinema on Sunday 21st January. We have booked out the whole cinema for Crocus Fields young people, their families and friends and our staff team. We are asking that each person contributes towards the cost of the trip and we are asking for a £5 donation per ticket.

The film to be shown is currently up for debate amongst the young people and we will announce the winner via the website once it has been decided! If anyone would like to attend we ask that you let Jade Mulligan or Peter Corkhill know, either by contacting them on 01158761988/ 01158762285 or via email

Forest Trip 10th February

The following month sees our second family event of the year where we will be attending A Forest match Vs Hull City on Saturday 10th February. Nottingham Forest have kindly gifted us approximately 26 tickets for the match and we plan to take the group of young people booked into Crocus Fields to join. Any families, carers, siblings etc that would like a ticket are urged to get in touch with Dan Berridge on 01158762286 or by emailing him on The plan is to meet at Crocus Fields and travel to the game together.

August Picnic

Later in the year we are hoping to host a family picnic at the Arkwright Community Gardens.

The date and details of this are yet to be confirmed or ironed out. But we plan to let all the parents know as soon as possible. If you would ike to attend this or any of the events please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Similarly if you have an idea about an event e can host that would suit our families and young people we are open to suggestions.

Parent Group Meeting

The next parents group is organised for this Thursday (14th) December at 10.30am. This is to be held at Crocus Fields and will be chaired by Daniel Berridge. Lucy has organised for representatives from Education Transport to come to the meeting and discuss with you how the service works and listen to any challenges you have faced when organising transport to and from school for your children.

Food Bank Appeal

Finally, we want to reach out to everyone in our quest to take a big hamper off to the food bank at some point before Christmas. As part of our Crocus in the Community plan at the beginning of the year, we set ourselves 12 community goals. One of these goals is for the young people to contribute to the local food bank. The young people have raised some funds organising a cake sale and are going to be taking a parcel to the food bank in the next two weeks. I you would like to sending any canned goods, toiletries or non-perishable items we will take the with us. Thank you in anticipation for any donations.



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