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March Newsletter

Hello Everyone! Guest Editor Andy Hodkin here, as Pete is off being 'too hot' in India. Here he is look, looking windswept and interesting (and too hot). He sends you all his love, and will be back in the editing seat for the next newsletter.

March was filled with all things Ofsted. At the beginning of the month we were fortunate enough to receive a visit from the new Ofsted HCMI Amanda Spielman to our service. Amanda is the new big boss of Ofsted, and we were chosen as one of only two places she visited during her whistle stop tour of Nottingham. Amanda enjoyed her visit, and commented on what a warm welcome she had.

And then, to book end the month, we had our interim Ofsted Inspection (this is an unannounced one day inspection between our main inspections). Ros Chapman undertook the inspection. Although we have to wait for quality assurance to verify the result, Ros informed us on the day that she would be recommending that we remain Outstanding, with the addition of Improved Effectiveness. This is wonderful news! Our thanks go out to all the staff members, young people and families for helping us to achieve this result.

Some of our young people enjoyed a visit to the London Road Fire Station. A great time was had by all!

Thanks go to Brenda, Dawn and Calum for attending and organising the trip. Apologies go to Dawn, who said that the Firemen were not as handsome as she had hoped.....

We also participated in one of the workshops regarding World Autism Week at Loxley House. The workshop was regarding Autism/LD and Employment. At Crocus Fields we have made a commitment to employing a person with Autism/LD, and our efforts were applauded during the workshop, and used as an example for other employers.

We held some interviews this month to employ three new residential workers (we shall introduce them in our next newsletter!). Special thanks go to three of our young people, Daniel, Vicky and Jamie (and to Frankie for helping them). They formed our young persons interview panel, and they asked some great questions. Thanks also to Lisa Fox, mum of Keiran, for joining the main interview panel.

Finally, we said goodbye this month to one of our longest serving staff members, domestic worker Sue Burrows Flowers. For over two decades Sue has been gliding her mop up and down our corridors. We had a special farewell fuddle to say goodbye , and we wished Sue every happiness in her retirement. The place will not be the same without her.

BYE EVERYBODY!!!!! And we hope you enjoy a happy Easter break.



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