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Interim Ofsted Inspection

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

As you may recall from our last newsletter, Crocus Fields was given the judgement of "Outstanding" from Ofsted during our full two day inspection in September.

Each year we undergo one full two day inspection when we are given our overall rating and an interim one day inspection to show what progress we have made. At the end of January, Ofsted visited Crocus Fields again and inspected the running of the home. During this inspection we can be given the rating of "Improved Effectiveness", "Sustained effectiveness" or "Declined Effectiveness".

The inspector was pleased with the progress we have made since September and awarded us the rating of "Improved Effectiveness". If anyone would like to read a copy of the report it will be published on the following website in the next few weeks.

We are keen to hear from families about how you think we can continue to improve the service for you and your children. April will see us set new targets for ourselves for the next financial year and we are keen to include targets from parents and carers. If anyone has any feedback for Crocus Field we urge you to get in touch with one of us at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, you should have received an email from Pete Corkhill recently with a link for a questionnaire which Ofsted have asked families to fill in. If you have not already completed it and wish to do so you can access it via the link below.



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