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Crocus Goes Around The World

Hi everyone, we just wanted to give you an update on our current progress with the 'Crocus Goes Around The World' fundraiser. As you'll undoubtedly know we are attempting to cycles the distance in landmass around the world (about 18,000 miles-we're currently in Burma) as part of a series of fundraisers, to raise money to renovate unit 1's garden. It's in dire need of some TLC, and we also want to fit it with more accessible equipment such as wheelchair accessible trampolines, roundabouts and so on. Very similar to what we did with unit 2's garden.

We currently have collection boxes in a number of businesses around our community, so if you visit these places feel free to donate! Our collection boxes currently live at:

  • The Vat and Fiddle pub on Queensbridge Road

  • The Embankment pub on Trent Bridge

  • The Brewhouse and Kitchen pub, also on Trent Bridge

  • Bits and bobs store in the Meadows precinct

  • Woodies cob shop in the Meadows precinct

It's always good to support local businesses and our partners in the community! We also have a collection box in our lovely reception. So if you visit Crocus Fields for any reason you can donate. If you really want to contribute you can also donate via the gofundme link below. Or alternatively by bringing the money in an envelope addressed: 'FAO Dan, Ash or Joe: Crocus fundraiser donation' with the amount written on the front or on a note inside (just so we know your money hasn't gone walkabouts!) for your child's next stay.

Hope you're all keeping safe and well, and we'll see you all soon!




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