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Assistant Unit Manager

My name is Lucy, I am one of the assistant unit managers here at Crocus Fields. I have worked at Crocus Fields for 15 years.  Crocus Fields is a wonderful, children focused place to work.  I love listening to the sounds of the young people laughing and playing with the staff.

About me

I have twin girls, two rabbits and a dog, all whom I love very much.  I love spending time with family and friends, being outdoors in nature and being creative. Crocus fields is a huge part if my life, my children love attending Crocus Fields social events.

People like this about me:
  • Relaxed and easy going

  • Always positive and always sunny

  • Lovely way with the children

  • Always happy.

  • Makes everyone laugh.

  • The kids love Lucy and she loves them.

  • She is extremely dedicated, professional and yet has a sense of fun and brings humour to the workplace.

  • I love Lucy's fashion, she could make a bin bag look good!

  • I love how Lucy's door is always open and she's always happy to listen

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