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I am one of the Unit Managers of Crocus Fields. I share my job with Ella.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since Feb 20th 1994.


I am a fully qualified Social Worker, hold a level 5 in Leadership and Management and have a qualification in Counseling.


I like my job because I get to work with the young people and a great and knowledgeable staff team.


I like Crocus Fields because it is a fun place to be, the young people are amazing and everyday someone makes me smile. I work with a fantastic talented team who care for one another.


I love my job because it is varied. I love the fact that I get to see the people that we work for every day and never a day goes by without something at Crocus Fields making me smile, laugh or both. The young people that we work with are fantastic and it is great to see them develop and grow up. 

About me

I love music, art, travelling and nature. Going to watch music live is my favourite activity.

My husband is a huge Nott's County fan and I have adopted them as my team ever since. I also enjoy watching cricket but I am more of a test match enthusiast than a 20/20 fanatic. I love archaeology....I think it ROCKS!

I love gardening and being outdoors amongst it all.

I like walking and have been a keen explorer amongst the Peaks for many a year.


People like this about me:
  • Her creative thinking

  • Good Leader

  • She has a good knowledge base

  • Her voice of reason

  • She pulls me into conversations and helps me with my communicative skills.

  • Her cheerful friendly face even first thing in the morning.

  • Always wants and tries to do the right thing.

  • I love Jo's baking skills, she makes a great cupcake!


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