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Hello, I am Jane Hodgson and became an Assistant Unit Manager at Crocus Fields on  1st August 2019. Prior to this I taught 16-19 years olds in Further Education for 22 years, working at Crocus Fields as a casual member of staff in school  holidays and at weekends

I love the variety of the days at Crocus Fields, no two are ever the same.  It is a pleasure to  work alongside dedicated professional  staff who really care for your young people.

Hopefully as this year progresses the impact of the pandemic will lesson and we can look forward to  fun events such as Crocus Fest and all be together again

About me

I have three girls who all have children of their own now,  making me a Grandma of six!!! I consider myself very lucky


In my spare time I  love to be active,  my two dogs get walked for miles and miles, in all weathers!!

People like this about me:
  • Jane is always very happy, positive and brings a good energy to the team

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