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Hi :)


I am one of the Unit Manager’s at Crocus Fields.


I have worked at Crocus Fields for 6 years– 2 years as an AUM and the 4 years previous as a CRSCW. I have loved every minute! Especially the brilliant holidays that we go on– I look forward to them all year.


I have just completed my Level 5 in Residential management.


My job is to make sure that I put things in place for the staff to do the very best job that they can and help the young people to be healthy, happy and great achievers!


Working at Crocus Fields’s is always lots of fun– even though it can be tough sometimes– it is so nice to work along side a team who genuinely care for all the young people and strive to support them in the best way they can.


I am proud to be a part of the team and always have been and believe we will continue to do great things for our young people for years to come!



About me

I love spending time with my family and friends– they are very important to me.

Including the ones that I have met through working at this amazing place.

I love playing tennis and I am quite partial to a bit of rap music!


People like this about me:
  • She manages to be fun but the young people also listen to her and respect her

  • Her energy and enthusiasm on shift

  • She always looks….dressed up!

  • I admire that Ella does lovely work and contributes with the children.

  • She’s actually very intelligent– although sometimes you wouldn’t know!!

  • Bubbly, fun and good company.·

  • She cares about the kids

  • Ella – I love how organized and confident she is

  • Ella is an amazing manager one of the best you could have


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