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Children's Residential Social Care Worker

I am a Children's Residential Social Care Worker.

I have worked at Crocus Fields since September 2013.

I have a Health and Social Care Level 3 qualification for both adults and children.

What I love about my job is working with the young people and supporting them to develop into independent young adults. I like working as part of a team with like minded people who really care and support each other. I feel a sense of achievement when our parents trust and appreciate the care and time we spend with the children.


I am a good listener and always try to go the extra mile. I am very understanding and caring and am extremely passionate about my role. 



About me

I live in Nottingham with my partner and have worked with people with disabilities for 14 years.


I love travelling, cooking, going to see live music and socializing.


I love attending music festivals and getting involved in arts and crafts activities.

I also love spending time with my niece and nephew. 

People like this about me:
  • I know how to shop.

  • Passionate and caring

  • My non stop energy

  • My dry sense of humour

  • My hairdressing and make up skills

  • That I am full of wisdom

  • That I go the extra mile.

  • The relationships I have with the families I work for. 

  • Her desire to advocate for the young people.

  • I love the way Dawn can get the handyman Alan to do anything!

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