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Night Staff

My name is  Eginetta  they call me Eggie in short , I have been doing care work for more than 15 years mostly ,  with the adults I did work with children with learning disabilities, autism some years back through an agency so I had to visit different places , I have just completed my NVQ Level 5 in Health and Social Care .Now I need to learn more about young  people I am ready to start again level NVQ 3 for young people and  proceed  to level 5/6/7  if I can .

About me

Personally I am very sociable naturally quiet   I like travelling exploring new places ,  I love cooking try new recipes and taste different foods, I can adjust to fit in any group of people  when it comes to socialisation , I don’t like people who talk about someone on their back ,  if I make any mistake I will prefer  to be confronted and where there is need for apology I’m always ready for one and make peace with everyone  . I love to see people work together and play together TEAM WORK .For the sake of progress and good working environment .

People like this about me:
  • I love her fancy hair do's

  • I love how happy Eggie is when she comes on shift

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