Yvonne Parr
Residential Social Care Worker

I am a Residential Social Care Worker.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since 2005.


In my job I try to ensure that Crocus Fields continues to be a brilliant and fun place to be. 

I have an NVQ Level 3 in Social Care. I am also trained in advanced Makaton!


I like my job because I love working with the young people. I love Crocus Fields because it is such a fun place to be. 

The young people we work with are an inspriation! We have loads of fun every day and all the staff are friendly. 

I love Crocus Fields because the staff are given opportunities to try their new ideas and they are listened to. 


About me

I am a keen baker and I am the reigning Crocus Fields Bake off champion after wowing the team and young people with my Terry's Chocolate Orange Cake!


I love cooking and gardening. I have nieces and nephews that mean alot to me.

People like this about me:
  • She's very committed and passionate!

  • She's very motherly.

  • She cooks egg sandwiches!

  • She is a brilliant keyworker.

  • The young people always warm  to her, and are really happy whenthey find out she is on shift.

  • She is lively and always has a smile on her face

  • Yvonne has great relationships with all of the familes she keyworks. 

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