Wasim Khalid
Residential Social Care Worker

I am a Children's Residential Social Care Worker.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since June 2013. Prior to this I worked at Rosehill Special School for over 15 years!


I have a GNVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care.

I like my job because I enjoy working with people with disabilities and finding ways to advicate their views and opionions.

I like Crocus Fields because I get the opportunity to work with fantastic young people and experienced staff in a lovely, caring, homely environment and to make a real positive difference to their lives. 

About me

I'm quite old, have two children of my own and my favourite hobby is having a nice lie down (not at work though!).


I am good at building positive relationships with the young people I work with 

People like this about me:

* Waz is very good at getting to know the young people that I work with and helping them with any issues that they have. 

* He's absolutely hillarious!

* He is always reliable and works hard.

* Waz is very conscientious.

* He never seems to get flustered.

* His relationships with the young people and his ability not to be phased by challenging behaviour.

* His ability to be silly and have fun with the young people without overstepping the mark.

* He cares and, wherever possible, will be led by the young people during activities.

* He listens and gives good advice.

* He has cracking hair for his age.

* He doesn't make mountains from mole hills. 

* He is passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to the job in hand. 

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