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February Newsletter

As part of our Crocus in the Community initiative Brenda Sayers has set up links with the local food-bank in the Meadows community centre. At the weekend Brenda (along with 4 young people) took a large donation of food to the resource and a group of young people baked a "Crocus Fields" cake! We are hoping to continue to offer support to this centre over the coming months and invite donations from schools, parents and professionals. Brenda is going to be adding a donation box by the front door.

Our next parents group is scheduled for Wednesday 14th March. The group will be meeting from 10.30am until 12pm.

In this months group we will be visited by the continence nurse who will be able to offer advice on how we can encourage children and young people with additional needs to use the loo!

As always, everyone is welcome at these meetings. It is an open forum for everyone to bring their views and meet one and other. Please feel free to bring someone along with you if this makes you feel more comfortable, everyone is welcome.



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