Oliver Fabian (Ollie)
Night Care Assistant

I have worked at Crocus Fields since 2014. Initially I came as a Relief worker and covered any shifts that needing working. 

I have recently started in my post as a Night Care Assistant and help make sure that all the young people get a good nights sleep. I also take care of anyone who gets up throughout the night and ensure that the unit is kept in a great shape.

I continue to work some shifts in the day time and love being with the young people. They are all great fun and I enjoy spending my time with them. Every day is different at Crocus Fields but every day is fun. 

About me

I absolutely love my job!

I really enjoy my holidays and spending time with my friends.


I live in Nottingham.

People like this about me:

Oliver doesn't quite realise just how funny he is.

Oliver brightens up rooms that he walks into with his big booming voice and all round positivity.

Oliver is kind, caring and dedicated to his job. 

Crocus Fields