Unit Managers

Hello and welcome to the Crocus Fields children's guide. We are delighted that you will be coming to us for your breaks. This guide is to tell you all about Crocus Fields and how we will support you whilst you are here.

This is Jo and Ella. They share the job of Unit Manager of Crocus Fields. If you or your family would like to talk to them about anything to do with your stay you can visit them in their office or phone them on




Alternatively, you can speak to one of the Assistant Managers (Andy, Lucy or Jane) on 01158762286.

There is always a manager "on call" throughout the week so if there are any emergencies the staff can contact them for advice and for extra help. There is always a manager at Crocus Fields from Monday through to Friday.

Your Keyworker

Every young person at Crocus Fields has a keyworker. Your keyworker is Neil . He will be responsible for putting together your care plan and arranging your first visits at Crocus Fields. Neil will come and see you at home and at school. He will speak to your parents/carers, school teachers, any linkworkers or direct payment workers you might have and most importantly you! Neil will take all this information and use it to make sure we can look after you properly and ensure you have a great time during your stay. 

Neil will attend your reviews and be the contact point for your family.  

Questions From Young People
Who will look after me?

There will always be three or four staff members working with you during your stays. They will help you with anything you need assistance with.

We have a big staff team at Crocus Fields but everyone is lovely. The staff will take you out to exciting places that you like. They will try to make your stay with us as fun as possible and listen to what you have to say.

The staff team are all able to help you take any medications that you might have and will remember when you need it. If you are unwell during your stay they will make sure that you get to see a doctor.

Staff can sit with you at night time if you take a while to settle to sleep and can read you a story if you need it.

Each stay the staff will talk to you about what you would like to do during your time with us. We will try to ensure you get to do the things you want.

Where will I sleep?

Each young person has their own bedroom at Crocus Fields and this is your private space. Other young people are not allowed in your room and we can lock it for you if you ask.

If you would like time on your own during your stay your bedroom is somewhere just for you. Some of our rooms have bathrooms attatched and four of the bedrooms cater for young people who use wheelchairs.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring enough clothes for how many nights you are staying with us. We also ask young people to bring their own toilettries, pads and wipes (If needed). Do not pack any towels or flannels as they are provided. We are able to wash your clothes for you during your stay. It is best if you ask your parents to write your initials on the labels of your clothes so that we can tell they are yours after we have washed them.

If you have any comforters or special items that you don't like leaving at home you are able to bring them here.

How do I get to Crocus Fields if I am at school?

Your mum or dad will need to check with your Social Worker that you can have transport to and from Crocus Fields during school time.

If you are awarded transport, depending on which school that you go to, we will arrange for you to travel to Crocus Fields.

Any young people who go to Rosehill are picked up by Crocus Fields staff. Those young people at Woodlands and Oakfield travel together in a private mini bus. If you go to a different school we will look at booking you a taxi. If you need someone to sit with you in a taxi we can make sure this happens.

When and how often do I come to Crocus Fields?

Every four months you will get sent a letter with all of your stays at Crocus Fields for the months ahead on it.

Stays at Crocus Fields are usually Monday-Wednesday, Wednesday-Friday and Friday through to Monday.

How often you come to Crocus Fields depends how many nights you have been awarded or chosen to purchase with your personal budget. If you would like more nights here you will need to talk to your Social Worker about this.

We will try to make sure that you are booked in with people that you like and will enjoy spending time with.

What will I do at Crocus Fields?

What you do at Crocus Fields will depend on what you enjoy doing and what you would like to try.

We do all sorts of activities at Crocus Fields. For example swimming, bowling, ice skating, football matches, music festivals, trips to town, to the seaside, to game conventions and even Harry Potter World! On the first Saturday of every month our young people volunteer in a local cafe to gain work experience.

We believe that keeping active is very important for young people and so are regularly out and about in the community keeping fit. We have disability accessible bikes and even run a cycling proficiency course for young people of all abilities.

Crocus Fields is supposed to be built around you and what you like to do. We pride ourselves on being "child focussed" and will try to plan your stays around you.

We may ask you to try new things from time to time but we will support you throughout this to make it as fun as possible.

We also go on holidays each year. These holidays vary from weekends away in Scarborough to camping in the Lake District and canal boat holidays!

We also have weekly visits from a music man (Alan) who comes ine ach Tuesday night and lights up the unit with his guitar, back catalogue of pop tunes and his positive upbeat attitude!

If young people have a passion or an interest, we celebrate that at Crocus Fields and will try to arrange activities based on this interest. Morton (Left) loves transport and so we organised him a tour of the bus depot! You should speak to your keyworker if there is something you would like to do during your time with us.

What will I eat?

Everyone eats together at Crocus Fields. We have two cooks who provide all of our meals and cater for all dietry needs, whether medical or religious.

You do not need to worry if you find it difficult to try new foods, we will always do our best to make sure you have a delicious dinner.

What about my meds?

All of our staff are trained in administering medications. We have an in house nurse who provides all of our training and makes sure that we are being safe with your medicines.

If you have any specific medical requirements during your stay thi will all have been discussed with your keyworker who will have made sure that the staff at Crocus Fields are prepared for your stay.

Further Information
How to complain...

If you are unhappy about anything at Crocus Fields your first point of contact should be your keyworker. However if you doo not feel as though it has been resolved or would like to take it higher, you might want to consider making a formal complaint. To make a complaint you can write to one of the managers. Or you can write to the complaints manager of the council. The address is:
Complaints Manager,

Nottingham City Council,
Children's Services,
Melrose House,

We will contact you within 2 weeks and try to put things right or explain why we have done something. If we have done something wrong we will say sorry and look at what we can do to stop it happening again.

During your stay you will also get the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your advocate from The Children's Society. We are visited once per month by an advocate who will act on your behalf if you do not feel you are being treated fairly.

In addition to monthly visits by an advocate, you can also request one to help you around specific issues such as wanting to change your key worker, school or wanting to move house. You just need to talk to a staff member or the advocate about this. 

Alternatively you can talk to OFSTED. They are an independent organisation who inspect schools and children's homes. They come into Crocus Fields twice each year to make sure we are doing a good job and looking after you properly. Last time they inspected us they said that Crocus Fields was a "OUTSTANDING" home.

If you would like to talk to OFSTED about Crocus Fields their address is:

OFSTED, Picadilly Gate,
Store Street,

Or you can phone them on 08456404040.

Or you can email them on enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk 

Or if you and your family would like to read their report about Crocus Fields, they can do so by  visiting http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/SC034900

For other support and advice you can contact the Office of Children's Commission.   FREEPHONE: 0800 528 0731  

Official website: www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk 

Crocus Fields