Karen Pierce
Night Care Assistant

My name is Karen Pierce. 

I have worked at Crocus Fields for many years!

In my job I am responsible with my team to make sure that all the childrens needs are met throughout the night and that they are kept safe. This could be talking to or listening to the child, getting them drinks, assisting with personal care or simply conforting a child if they are feeling sad about being away from home. 


I have a NVQ2 in childcare. 


I like my job because I get to meet some lovely children and young adults. 

About me

I am very good at interacting with the children, listening to what they want and working within a team. 


I live in Nottingham and love going out and about. 

People like this about me:

Karen is lovely and always happy to be on shift.


Karen is friendly, approachable, kind and caring.

Karen is really good fun, she loves the young people who we work with and they enjoy her company.

Karen is upbeat and never seems tired even though she works throughout the night!

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