Karen Barnett
Admin Assistant

I am an administritive assistant.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since December 1999.


In my job I organise transport, sort out petty cash, help staff to accomplish tasks, sort out the photocopier and look after all callers.


I have a NVQ 3 in business administration, qualifications in using Microsoft Office Software and many typing qualifications.

I like my job because I am able to organise my won day. I hav elots of variety. I work with a great staff team and I am able to meet our fantastic young people.


I like working at Crocus Fields because it feels like one big family. 

About me

I am keen to sample lots of cultures and enjoy travelling a lot. 

People like this about me:
  • Karen is always efficient and good at probelm solving.

  • She is approachable.

  • Karen try's to help people accomplish their tasks and gives messages promptly.

  • She always sorts out the photocopier quickly.

  • Her deep passion for everyone's rights.

  • She's very helpful with informative inquiries. 

  • She is a kind person. 

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