Hazel Humphreys
Residential Social Care Worker

I am a Residential Social Care Worker.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since 2003.


I came as a student nurse for 6 months…….and I’m still here!


I am a fully qualified RNLD registered learning disability nurse, and have worked with people with disabilities since 1992.


I like my job because it is always changing. I get to be with different children with a great range of abilities– no two days are the same.


I like Crocus Fields because it is a very upbeat and friendly place– there is always a bright and happy welcome from the staff team and from our young people.



About me

I live in Nottingham with my husband and my cat Poppy .


People like this about me:
  • She is a very organised person!

  • How much she cares for the families that she key works.

  • I always feel safe when I work with Hazel.

  • She always gives a lot of consideration to the decisions she makes.

  • She always works hard and pulls her weight.

  • She is very caring.

  • She’s very helpful and supportive, I like that Hazel speaks her mind.

  • She has a very understated but sharp sense of humour.

  • Hazel is a dedicated member of our staff team and it is great having her on shift. 

Crocus Fields