Geraldine Molloy
Night Care Assistant

I am a night care assistant and have worked at Crocus Fields since 2013.


My job is to ensure that the young people are safe during the night and offer comfort if upset. I assist or help the young people if they are unwell and keep them company in the morning before the day staff com eon shift.

I like Crocus Fields because the young people  have a great time here with staff who care about their happiness and safety while their families get a well deserved rest!

About me

I am good at staying calm in a crisis, listening and I make cracking cups of tea and coffee!


I enjoy exercise,w alking, going to the gym and pilates classes.

I love watching TV, reading, spending time with friends and family. 

People like this about me:

Geraldine is very friendly and kind.


Geraldine is funny.


Geraldine is always welcoming and happy to be at work,


The young people are really fond of her and the way she works. 


Her positive approach with the young people. 

Crocus Fields