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Children's Residential
Social Care

I am a Children's Residential Social Care Worker and I have been at Crocus Fields since September 2014.

I like my job because I help encourage people to try new activities and grow as a person.

Every day is a different day and it is nice to build a trustworthy relationship with the young people. It can make you fee like a role model-the young people look up to you. 

I like Crocus Fields because it encourages young people to grow individually and many of the young people love spending time here. It is a great place for the young people to explore new activities and build various skills such as social skills, communication and their self esteem. 

About me

I am good at football, listening to others and making other people smile.

I love my bicycle and anything that involves sport (watching or doing).

People like this about me:
  • Emma's keyworking is of the highest standard. Her care plans are always up to date and child focussed and she has an in depth knowledge about the young people.

  • Emma clearly loves her job, she comes through the door with a smile and remains upbeat throughout her shifts.

  • Emma is extremely committed. 

  • Emma is good fun and always has creative ideas for what to do with the young people each evening. 

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