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Hello, my name is Yumiko, some people like to call me Yummy.

I have worked at Crocus Fields since February 2020, I really love it here it's such a nice place to work with really friendly people.


I have always enjoyed cooking and have been a school cook for about 8 years in this country. I came to England 12 years ago with my husband and our two daughters.


Before that we lived in Japan and I worked for the city council organizing school meals, and before that I trained as a Japanese chef. I hope everyone enjoys my cooking and finds all my meals 'Yummy'!

About me

I have always enjoyed cooking, and I love to try and make people happy by cooking delicious meals. If everyone at Crocus Fields can enjoy my food that makes me very happy.


My other big interest is music and I play the piano and the harp. I learnt to play the piano as a child and started learning to play the harp 5 years ago. I play in a jazz band called the Belvoir Big Band with my husband. He plays the trombone and conducts the band too. I have two daughters as well. They also like music and play the flute and the violin. 

People like this about me:
  • Yumi makes the best butterscotch tart!

  • Yumi makes the best rice

  • She is a lovely lady who always has a smile on her face.

  • Yumi has the kindest heart

  • Yumi's chicken chow mien is to die for! I could eat it all day every day.

  • I love how passionate Yumi is about cooking, you can tell by the amount of effort she puts into all the meals she cooks at Crocus.

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