Tracey Terzza
Night Care Assistant

My name is Tracey Terzza. I have worked at Crocus Fields since October 2016.

I have worked with a number of the young people who come here form my time at the Oakfield school. In my job I try to make sure that all the young people get a good nights sleep.


I absolutely love working with the young people and helping them enjoy their short break.

About me

I am a mum of five, grandmother of six (nearly seven!) and love working at Crocus Fields.

I love keeping fit, especially running and going to the gym. I enjoy my holidays each year and spending time with my grandchildren.

People like this about me:

Tracey has a great sense of humour and really cares about the young people.

Tracey knows a lot of our young people from when she worked at Oakfield school and it is lovely to see how well she knows them from school.

Tracey is honest, reliable and funny.

Tracey clearly loves every aspect of her job.

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