Caroline Webster

I am a Residential Social Care Worker.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since 24th August 2015.


I have a degree in Social Policy. 


I like my job because I get to work with children with the most aamzing personalities who allow me to visit their world as they understand it. Not every day is the same. Also I am doing what I was called on this planet to do to be at services of others who need it.


I like Crocus Fields because within the short period I have been here I have learnt so much already. Crocus FIelds staff have been helpdul each step of the way and have made me feel at home with humour and knowledge. Everybody seems to be very pasisonate about their job which is great for me as I like to do everything by the book. It is an inclusive place to work and everyone's opinion matters. 

About me

I am a good singer however I tend to change the words from the original song mostly because I cant remember the words! 

People like this about me:
  • Yeolander is pasisonate and enthusiastic.

  • She is great fun to be around.

  • Yeolander is dedicated.

  • Yeolander has a great personality and makes you laugh each time she is on shift. 

Crocus Fields