Andy Hodkin
Assistant Unit Manager

I am an Assistant Unit Manager. However I am currently on 9 months unpaid leave to allow me to travel around India and South East Asia. I will return to Crocus Fields in June 2017. Dan Berridge is covering my post whilst I am away.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since before the dawn of time, or 2007.


I am a qualified social worker.


I like my job because I get to help create a good service that makes a difference, because I get to spend time helping both the staff and the young people, I get to come up with lots of ideas, and I get to have fun.


I like Crocus Fields because it’s the best place I have ever worked. The kids have a brilliant time, and get to do exciting things. The young people are made to feel wanted, loved and appreciated at Crocus Fields, and that’s because they work with a staff team who are caring, dedicated, passionate, and a little bit daft. .



About me

I like riding my bike and travelling. I eat too much food. I live on a canal boat, which I haven’t sunk yet. I love going to festivals. I am half-good at Tennis. I like to wear shorts, even in Winter.


People like this about me:
  • His innovative ideas

  • He is brilliant at advocating for us as a service

  • His listening skills

  • He is a good listener, funny and has a good sense of humour

  • He will always be in a good mood for the young people, always has a smile or a joke for them

  • He always has time for you, has a lovely warm nature, and he dresses brilliantly!

  • Gives excellent advice, he is witty and funny and makes me smile. He always has something positive to say even if it’s the end of the world. He is open minded, compassionate, has a strong sense of self and has a wonderful positive energy. I love it. Works well with little supervision.


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