Yumiko Barker

Hello, my name is Yumiko, some people like to call me Yummy. I have worked at Crocus Fields since February 2020, I really love it here it's such a nice place to work with really friendly people. I have always enjoyed cooking and have been a school cook for about 8 years in this country. I came to England 12 years ago with my husband and our two daughters. Before that we lived in Japan and I worked for the city council organising school meals, and before that I trained as a Japanese chef. I hope everyone enjoys my cooking and finds all my meals 'Yummy'!

About me

I am originally from the Isle of Man and moved to Nottingham upon starting my Social Work degree in 2006. I am currently studying for a Masters in Autism at Birmingham University.

I am an avid Stockport County fan and regularly travel by car, rail and bicycle to see us lose all over the country!


I love music festivals and attend Glastonbruy each year. My favourite bands are The Beatles, The Kinks and The Arctic Monkeys. 


I love cycling and running and have completed marathons in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dublin. 


I love working at Crocus Fields. I can't think of anywhere I would rather work!

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