Residential Social Care Worker
Neil Ashforth

I am a Children's Residential Social Care Worker.


I am a qualified First AIder and I have a level 3 diploma in care for children and young people.


I have worked at Crocus Fields since 2006 and loved every minute.

I like my job because I get out with the young people into the community and help them try new things.


I like Crocus Fields because it encourages young people to get along and make friends. The staff are good at involving the young people in everything and their oice is always heard. 

About me

I am originally from Newcastle!


I am great at fixing things like bikes and toys. 

I like helping young people to make friends and enjoy themselves during their stays. 

I love bike riding and walking in the countryside. Wildlife and the countryside are both very important to me.

I ike introducing young people to fun new activities. 

People like this about me:
  • Always works hard

  • Always willing to help you solve a problem.

  • He is a hard worker, a good listener, has a good smile and is always thoughtful.

  • He helps with handywork.

  • His hard working attitude.

  • His practical abilities

  • An interesting person who has led an interesting life. 

  • Practical and always obliging.

  • Will always help you out.