Crocus Fields

Assistant Unit Manager
Lucy Hall

My name is Lucy Hall, I support children with a learning disability and families in the community.

My office is upstairs above Crocus fields.  I like looking out of my office window and seeing all the children arrive happy and excited to start their stay at Crocus Fields.


I have worked at Crocus Fields for 12 years.  I first came to Crocus Fields as a student nurse for 6 month placement.  I loved it so much that i applied for a relief job and then a few years later a permanent job.  I worked downstairs with the children for about 8 years before I moved upstairs to the Outreach Team.


Crocus Fields and the Outreach Team is the best place to work, there is always plenty of smiles and plenty of cake.

About me

I am a new mum to 15 month old twins girls, they are beautiful and keeping me very busy.  When i am not with the girls i like meeting friends for dinner, watching live music and going to the theatre. 

People like this about me:
  • Relaxed and easy going

  • Always positive and always sunny

  • Lovely way with the children

  • Always happy.

  • Makes everyone laugh.

  • The kids love Lucy and she loves them.

  • She is extremely dedicated, professional and yet has a sense of fun and brings humour to the workplace. 

Crocus Fields