Children's Residential Social Care Worker
Adella Francis

My name is Adella but my friends and family call me Dellz. I am a childrens residential social care worker.

I have worked in a amain stream school and also worked with adults with disabilities before I started at crocus fields. I started crocus fields in may 2018 as a relief member of staff then in the july I became a temporary member of staff. In june 2019 I became a perminant member of staff.

I have a very big family and a great circle of friends. I have a great social life and I love spending my free time with them and try see them as much as possible. I have oe sibling who is my 14 year old brother who I am very close with, he says I am the best big sister! I love to cook and host but my biggest weakness is going dining out for food. I love to go on holiday(a lot) and seeing other parts of the world, even if it is just to relax.

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